2016 Research Recipients and Reports

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2016 Small Grants in Aid of Research!

  • Characteristics of ship noise in a critical habitat of the world’s second largest humpback dolphin population: Implications for conservation (Read Report)
    Mingming Liu, China
  • Development of biosonar-related structures of dolphins (Odontoceti: Dephinoidea) (Read Report)
    Guilherme Frainer, Brazil
  • The chicken or the egg: is the immune response of South American fur seal pups the cause or the consequence of parasitic burden? (Read Report)
    Mauricio Seguel, Chile
  • Study on the three cetacean species stranded along the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast (Read Report)
    Violeta Evtimova, Bulgaria
  • Range-wide phylogeography of the South American fur seal: evolutionary history of fur seals in South America using high-throughput sequencing (Read Report)
    Fernando Lopes, Brazil
  • Survey of Brucella spp. in marine mammals from the Brazilian coast: a histopatological, immunohistochemical, sorological and molecular approach (Read Report)
    Angélica María Sánchez Sarmiento, Brazil
  • Individual identification based on the genotyping of blue whale stool collected in the Gulf of California (Read Report)
    Leticia Lili, México
  • Subtle population structure of killer whales (Orcinus orca) at the Russian Far East (Read Report)
    Ekaterina Borisova, Russia
  • Is there a distinct lineage of Atlantic Spotted dolphins in Southwestern Atlantic Ocean? Insights from genomics and ecological approaches (Read Report)
    Karina Bohrer Amaral, Brazil
  • The contribution of individual traits in shaping the bottlenose dolphin society that forages cooperatively with artisanal fishermen (Read Report)
    Alexandre Marcel Silva Machado, Brazil
  • Evolutionary aspects of postcranial asymmetry of estuarine dolphin, Sotalia guianensis (van Bénéden, 1864), Pará state, Brazil (Read Report)
    Maíra Laeta, Brazil
  • Temporal variation in the nutritional status of the resident fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) in the Gulf of California (Failed to Submit a Report)
    Erica Carone, Mexico