Gift Certificates

Buy a gift certificate today!

For every marine mammalogist on your holiday shopping list — membership to the premier marine mammal society in the world and one of the most respected scientific societies. And, while you’re at it, why not make it a 2-year membership!

How to purchase

  1. Pay online with credit card or PayPal account.
  2. Notify the recipient by email or print out the certificate to present in person (or in stocking!).

How to redeem

  1. Recipient visits and selects a membership level. Two-year memberships offer the best rates.
  2. On the checkout page, s/he enters the redemption code. The recipient must have, or register for, a PayPal account at the time of redemption; PayPal accounts are free.

What if they already have a membership?

Gift certificates have no expiration date, so current members can redeem them whenever their yearly membership comes up for renewal.

In fact, recipients can put gift certificates towards anything else we sell, including conference registration fees!

How much should I put on the certificate?

Take a look at our membership levels — they range from $50/year to $200/year, with lower prices for developing countries. Memberships last either one or two years from date of purchase, depending on the level.

If the recipient doesn’t use all the money on the certificate, the balance remains indefinitely — so they can use it again at any point in the future.

Can certificates be redeemed for other things?

Absolutely! The certificate can be redeemed for anything the Society sells online, such as a registration fee for ourĀ biennial conference.

Important terms

  • Printed gift certificates are transferable if they do not include a recipient email address.
  • For security and verification purposes, the redeemer may be required to verify identity using a credit card.
  • Multiple gift certificates can be redeemed on a single purchase if they are in the same currency. Unused balances may be applied to other purchases.
  • Gift certificates do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees.
  • Neither the Society nor PayPal is responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.