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Society for Marine Mammalogy

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Society for Marine MammalogyMembership is established online in two easy steps:

  1. Create a website account
  2. Login to our Member Area to choose a membership plan.
    You can pay with credit card, PayPal or a gift certificate

Once a member, you can always renew your membership online.

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Membership benefits

Depending on level of membership, members can receive:

  • Subscription to the peer-reviewed journal Marine Mammal Science (MMS) published quarterly online by Wiley-Blackwell;
  • Participation in our international biennial conferences on the biology of marine mammals at the reduced member's registration fee rate, including the 21th Biennial Conference in San Francisco, California in December 2015;
  • A 25% discount on all Wiley-Blackwell products;
  • Eligibility for conference travel grants to PIs in developing and soft-currency nations;
  • Access to the Member Area of our website, which includes access to:
    • job postings;
    • instant online access to MMS;
    • early access to MMS "latest articles" set to come out in the next print issue;
    • member directory including hundreds of your colleagues, voting and more;
  • Voting privileges;
  • Rights to run for elective office on the Board of Governors;
  • The ability to help guide the development of the field of marine mammal science by serving on standing and ad hoc Society committees such as the Ethics, Conservation, Scientific Advisory, Education, or Taxonomy Committees;
  • The ability to raise important marine mammal issues of concern for timely action by the Society for Marine Mammalogy through the Presidential Letter process;
  • As student members, access to peers through regional student chapters, and exposure to the top scientists in the field of marine mammal science;
  • The opportunity for participation in the great tradition of scientific societies by being part of the organized dialogue of science that has existed at least since the founding of the Royal Society in England. The first issue (1665) of their journal, Philosophical Transactions, defined characteristics of Society members as those whose "desires after solid and useful knowledge may be further entertained, ingenious endeavours and undertakings cherished, and those addicted to and conversant in such matters, may be invited and encouraged to search, try, and find out new things, impart their knowledge to one another, and contribute what they can to the grand design of improving natural knowledge."

Membership levels

The Society now offers a two-year membership option for our Full, Emeritus, Associate and Student members. By joining for two years you save ~15% compared to the cost of joining every year. Also, the amount you save on Conference registration in most cases covers the cost of the second year membership, so you get a second year of membership and all the benefits (see above) at very little additional cost.


$200/2 years, $115/1 year
($130/2 years, $75/1 year for developing countries)

Open to professionals in the natural sciences or in the management, husbandry, conservation or training of marine mammals, and to graduate students in these fields.


$130/2 years, $75/1 year
Open to any member who has retired from a professional career, is 60 years of age or older, and has been a Full Member of the Society for at least one year. Emeritus members have all privileges of Full membership.


$85/2 years, $50/1 year
($30/2 years, $20/year for developing1 countries)

Open to anyone actively enrolled in a degree-granting institution of higher education. Student members may not serve as officers (except Student Member-at-Large) but have all other membership privileges. 


$155/2 years, $90/1 year
Open to anyone interested in the aims of the Society. Associate members may not vote, hold elective office, or serve as members of standing committees, but have all other membership privileges.


$1500, one-time payment
Life members have the same rights and privileges of membership as Full members.


  • All membership categories are for individuals, and are not transferrable.
  • The Society does not refund memberships under any circumstances.
  • Please direct member queries to Alana Phillips, Membership Committee Chair, at

Privacy Policy

The Society for Marine Mammalogy does not share, sell or distribute information about our members with any other institution (commercial or otherwise), for any purpose. On very rare occasions, the Society will rent on a one-time-use-only basis its membership directory address list to publishers that wish to advertise a new publication the Society believes would be of interest to its membership. Note: e-mail addresses are NOT included with the shared information.


1 The International Monetary Fund identifies all countries except the following as emerging and developing countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.


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